How I work

I originally did my formal training in Professional Kinesiology practise and over the years have studied many other modalities and streams of Kinesiology.

These days my work is not limited to one modality but a dynamic blend of all my training knowledge and wisdom. I allow myself to be intuitively guided to how best work with an individual. Lets face it we are all unique beings with individual stories.

My work consists of nurturing the individual, working with all body and energy systems to wholistic balance all levels of the being creating wellbeing and vitality in all aspect of life. People come in with very physical issues such as allergies or back pain, while I will work at that level it is important to explore all levels of the problem and integrate and balance the body mind and spirit to get the best results.

Below is an in depth look at Kinesiology and definitions of the other modalities I incorporate into my work to support your process.

Kinesiology is Energy Medicine, the art and science of energy balancing, based in modified Chiropractic techniques and principles from Chinese Medicine.

Muscle testing is used as a bio-feedback mechanism meaning we use specific muscles to gain feedback from our biology or body-mind. Muscle testing, tests the integrity of the neural connection between the brain and a muscle.

If there is an imbalance, the muscle function will be impaired, causing the muscle to weaken or as we say in Kinesiology, unlock.

Muscle testing enables us to check the body’s various circuits eg. Lymph, blood flow, chi/meridian flow, emotional, neural and much more. The body has circuity much like a house has circuits for lighting and power. If we place too much stress on a particular circuit, it blows and we need to reset the switch, this applies to our body circuits too.

Muscle testing is a wonderful tool to show how stress affects or infects the body, mind and spirit. How our thoughts, feelings and memories can increase or decrease our energy and affect our physical body.

It accesses imbalances on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional/biochemical level that cause dis-ease in the body and then allows us balance and align the body to optimal health wellbeing and vitality allowing the individual to be there potential.

Events from the past can affect our ability to function in the present, from choice and front brain where all the higher intellectual processes occur, as the body-mind gets stuck in a subconscious or unconscious physiology reaction to the memory.

Kinesiology wipes the slate clean, clearing programs, limiting beliefs and blocks, memories of past illness that can impede health in the present, giving the individual a new way of doing life on all levels of their being.

Chi energy or life force enters the body through the chakra system (energy vortexes) feeding through to energy channels called meridians. The Meridian system interfaces the physical body where chi or life force feeds the physical structures within our bodies. Using muscle testing we can access imbalances and create positive changes in our physical health, mental and emotional patterns, spiritually, biochemistry and much more.