International Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality

The Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality follows on from the Certificate in Self-Care and introduces students to the fundamentals of PKP kinesiologyTopics include:

  • Proficient Manual Muscle Testing
  • 5-Element theory and practice
  • the history and philosophy of kinesiology
  • The Body’s Superficial Energy Connections

This course consists of the first five units of the Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles, BKP 101-105, and requires at least 10 full days of classroom time plus home study and practice.

And is a great foundational certificate to do if your looking to further your skills as a practitioner or as a selfdevelopment course.

You can continue with me to do the Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles and then further your education in the Diploma with a feeder college.

Class structure for each unit consists of 2 days classroom time which will be structured into ½ Qi gong class then the day will consist of studying techniques, watching demonstrations and then practising what you have learnt. At home you will have study to do and a workbook to complete.

There will also be supervised student clinic as part of the certificate program to get plenty of practise and to meet the requirements of the certificate.

This certificate will take you on a journey of learning the magic of Kinesiology and self-discovery and empowerment in your life and the life of friends, family and your business, in fact all aspects of your life.

It will educate you on shifting out of the paradigm of the Medical world which is based in Newtonian (health=no symptoms) concepts and move you into the empowered paradigm of quantum physics of Health, Wellness & Vitality as a way of life! Giving you the skills to reduces stress, balance your energy, gain awareness and access your potential to live life from an awakened state and be the master of your life!

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Each unit is $440 (inc gst)


This is a 12 month course one weekend a month in Frankston South


BKP101 23RD & 24TH JUNE

BKP102 21ST & 22ND JULY





Break for the year and continue into the International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice units 106 to 110.

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